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Inside A Fan Girl's Mind

It's A Scary Place Sometimes lol jk

A Chinese girl, whose Chinese sucks, in love with Johnny's Boys, SM Company, Peace And Smile Company, Amuse, D-Boys, and more that I probably forgot for this moment. I have a lot of favorite celebrities, but I can't decide on just ONE male as my favorite :D lol I'd list you all my beloved guys, but that take too long and you might think I'm an obsessed stalker... Obsessed? A little *cough cough* Stalker? I'm too lazy to do that actually...Too much hard work and then there's the police and the money jkjkjkjk hahhaha XD I'm actually quite nice to talk to, so don't feel shy. Also if you have a winglin and like reading fanfictions featuring the actress Maki then you might think my name is familiar, why yes then, I am KizunaBond from winglin.net as well as youtube, in fact KizunaBond is a name I use on many sites and it all began here <3